Venice as a city to rediscover and regain.



Starting from this challenge, in 2004 Alessandro Possati founded the Setecento project, initially a classic atelier and centre for analysis and reproduction of elements of Venetian tradition, that over the years has become a veritable creative workshop.

Since 2010, the brand identity has been taking shape thanks to an extensive network of international but above all local collaboration initiatives with the young talents of the IUAV University of Venice’s Fashion and Design Course. As a result of its blend of different tastes and cultures, Setecento has become a place of innovation and experimentation which is able to tell stories of a contemporary Venice. It benefits from collaboration initiatives with artisans and creative people who excel in their art, creating and developing new interpretations of the brand.

In fact the goal of the Studio is to become over time a centre for analysis and reinterpretation of elements of the Venetian tradition, through an extensive network of local and international contributions. It has placed the excellence of “Made in Italy” manufacturing at the centre of its activity, with collaboration initiatives with the Como district for printed silks, use of traditional Burano lace, and the prestigious Venetian brands of velvets and brocades Rubelli and Bevilacqua.

Every Setecento garment is manufactured using traditional Italian craftsmanship techniques and skills, thus creating very high quality products. Classic, but modern at the same time, they represent a union of timeless sophistication and modernity. In order to achieve this fine result, the materials used are supplied by the most prestigious textile manufacturers on the Italian market to ensure the highest possible quality for customers.

Setecento is marked by specialised production and attention to detail, 100 percent “Made in Italy”, and the ability to work with unique pieces as well as large numbers, thanks to an extensive network of local craftsmanship experts. 

The result is a unique product with a harmonious balance of sartorial elegance, sophisticated textile processing and a totally modern and state-of-the-art approach to design.